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The need for good tutoring

A common trend residing in Pakistan, “hiring a tutor for better results” emerged up from early 90s and has affected the eduction and its system quite a lot. But still if you persist on hiring a tutor for yourself then make sure these things are followed properly.
Dawood Public School Closed small
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The use technology in educating students

The world is fast pacing everything is moving forward with the speed of light. Trends are changing, than why are we still stuck with the old fashioned methods of teaching? In following paragraphs we will tell you why it is becoming important to take help of technology for educating our children. Here, we will discuss about the role which technology can play in the field of teaching and how it will change the whole outlook of an ordinary classroom. In my country, Pakistan the trend of using technology is not yet elaborately set except some schools like Dawood Public School or so.Dawood Public School Closed small

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The Parent’s Dream for their child

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Success, bright future, a good job and a luxurious life every one want it and every parents want it to their children because they love and care our children and want to see them on the way of success happy and the tension free life and this dream will comes true through education. Without education you cannot only imagine these things. Education provide you the confidence , awareness and knowledge and because of education we will be able to make a good decision of our life and in every field In every matter but school is also very important to achieve all the goals which you want because school is the first step of your education , your future and your success. Continue reading

The Aim of DPS

Education is the basic need to achieve or progress in our life. The world is plenty harsh for a person who is illiterate because they cannot achieve or progress in our life and lacking of education will lead him to poverty .ever parent dreams about their child studying in a school where the environment and the teachers are well, qualified and caring.sporting activities at dawood public school Karachi

Dawood public school is the school which offers the well qualified teacher and the environment where the students are groom themselves to be a good citizen of a society and a well educated person of his country. The facility they are provided to the students which are letting them enjoy their studies and share confidence with everyone. Continue reading

The Educational level of DPS

planting event held at Dawood public School Karachi

Education is the key of all the doors of success so you have to be very pacific about the foundation or the building block of education which start from the school .the school have the environment to make student a source of respect for his country because it all depends on the education which the student is getting from the school.

students in line at Dawood public School Karachi

Dawood public school where not only they take serious attention towards education but also notice the students progress and creativity by which the can help him and understand him by telling his progress and activities by arranging parents and teachers meeting .Dawood public school provided the quality teacher to help the students in their subjects by explaining them briefly and making their hardest but a knowledgeable syllabus easier to understand and learn for them and maintain their standard as well.

In Dawood public school care for their students and their bright future  and making their confidence level high enough to speak in front of the whole country from only Dawood public school where the bright future is waiting for your child so go there without wasting your time at other place and  without  hesitation and full of confidence and trust.

DPS from a Student’s eye

Every educated person knows that knowledge is power and we get knowledge from education and education is the key of success we live our life style like a stone age .education is like a light which takes the darkness away from us and our life. We learn many things from education and make our identity in our society, in our country and in the world with education a good school is also play a very important role in our success.spreading education Dawood public School Karachi

I write here all of these things which are belongs to me and which is my own experience .recently I passed out from Dawood public school With highest marks and 1st position and now I am going to U.K for further education .I remember my school teacher and their way of teaching with care and full of responsibility and the way the explain the subjects was remarkable and also their personal interest in our progress ad in our creativity.cute students of Dawood public School Karachi

The facilities the provided made our learning possible , I never thought that learning would be that enjoyable which turn me towards U.K for higher education .their teachers trained our practically so that we can speak confidently in any topic In everywhere.

How DPS is reshaping education in Pakistan

Education is the building blocks of foundation of our children; education is the key of opening the doors of success in this world. The most satisfying school in which the children could learn with quality learning experience is every parents dream so that their child could be a man of honour for his country.Image

Dawood public school is the school which provide with both quality and learning experience and qualified teachers where learning would be fun and enjoyable for your child not only that they also arrange parents and teachers meeting for telling about their child behaviour and progress. The play ground and creative activity has been arrange every month for your child to develop your child’s mind with confidence, the environment of school is very well and disciplined where you child learns manners and respect.educational structure of Pakistan

Many educated peoples have no ability and knowledge, behind the reason of this is that their foundation is weak which develop from the bad environment of school and lack of qualified teacher and their personal attention of students and their education are poor which cannot be find in dawood public school because they take cares of their student and their bright and shine future.